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Psychotherapy Services in Greenville

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Joanne provides several psychotherapy services in Greenville.

Counseling for 50+ and Elders

The aging process comes with many significant changes and potential challenges that affect each individual differently. Life events such as adult children leaving the house, grandchildren being born, menopause, changes to the body and illnesses, social life changes, and retirement can cause a combination of joy and stress. It is not uncommon for adults at this age to go through a period of depression or anxiety. If you have unanswered questions, need a neutral party to talk to, or are seeking professional advice for any issue that affects you at this time in your life, Joanne provides counseling to bring clarity and calm back into your routine.

Life Transitions

Joanne works with individuals during all types of life transitions. These include starting college, moving out of your parent's home, graduating from college and entering the workforce, moving to a new area, career changes, marriage, divorce, child birth, a severe illness, parent's severe illness diagnosis, death of parents, retirement, various stages in your child’s life that affect you, and more. Whatever transition you’re going through, our services are available to help you adjust.

Grief and Loss

Losing someone you love is a difficult experience. Grief and Loss brings lots of different emotions, some unexpected. It is not unusual to feel caught up in a whirlwind of things to do, feelings to manage and expectations from others. Every person's experience of loss is unique and Joanne will work with you to identify your needs, find ways to cope and move through your grief to healing.

Psychological Trauma

Joanne also works with individuals who have suffered from psychological trauma. Trauma can result from many different situations including witnessing a violent crime, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, a natural disaster or other stressful and life-threatening events. We will work together to identify your traumatic experiences and the effects on your mind, body and spirit, always moving toward giving you the resources to re-establish a sense of calm, serenity and emotional healing in your life.

Depression and Anxiety Management

Depression and Anxiety often go hand in hand. It can be difficult at times to know if you are worried, stressed, sad, feeling panic or experiencing a health condition. Fear, embarrassment and uncertainty often make dealing with these even more challenging. Again, each person is unique and Joanne will work with you to identify and understand your symptoms, help you develop calming and coping skills , and together build a comprehensive treatment plan to improve your health.

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